What Is A Brewpub?

If a brewery is located in a state that allows them to sell directly to a consumer, than they can open what is known as a “brewpub.” A brewpub is essentially a bar or restaurant that is owned by the brewery, and serves their product directly to the people. By law, it can only be called a brewpub if it sells at least 25% or more of it’s beer on-site.

The appeal for many people is the fact that brewpubs often dispense their beer directly from the brewery’s storage tanks. Not only does this give aesthetic value to the establishment, but it creates a express line of sourcing your customer can see. In other words, they know exactly where their craft beer is coming from.

Depending on the law in the state, some brewpubs can even sell their products “to-go,” and/or distribute to smaller off-site locations.


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